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Spec Digital is the parent company to Digital Workshop. We believe that consultancy is the key to business success. We work with both Lead Gen & E-commerce businesses, all wanting to change internal behaviour and thought to drive growth.

Our range of offerings include:

About Spec

Digital Consultancy

Founded in 2011, Spec exists to grow businesses through Search Marketing (SEO & PPC). Spec has worked with over 400 clients to date, partnering towards a mutual outcome. Our team of expert Digital Consultants harness PPC & SEO to drive your business forwards.


SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

PPC (Pay Per Click)

SEO allows you to capture potential customers while they’re looking for your product or service. There are no media costs!
Online advertising, where you only pay for actual website traffic. If they don’t click, ‘it don’t cost’!

Google Analytics

Sales Channel Analysis

Drive decisions with the right data at your fingers tips. We provide everything from granular analysis, to training and automatic reporting setup
Ever feel like you’re not quite sure what’s going on digitally with your business? We provide an all-in-one analysis of website activity, complete with a briefing doc and strategy for each channel

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Our Process

We will hep you become a business with a fully optimised growth process.

  Sales Channel Analysis

Our services start with a review of where you are now, which presents the obvious way forward.

  Technical SEO

Our technical SEO project includes:

  1. Looking at what potential customers search for on Google
  2. Ensuring that all the technical elements of your website are working so Google can see what you offer
  3. Providing you with a comprehensive list of actions and amends to make on your website

  Content SEO

We look at every piece of content on your website(s), including:

  1. Video
  2. Text
  3. Imagery
  4. User-generated content

We then look to optimise what you present to customers to ensure we’re answering the queries (search terms) that people are typing into Google.

  Offsite SEO

Once the website is as great as can be, we then turn our attention to improving your businesses reputation around the web.

This includes looking at all mentions of the brand, including:

  1. Social Media
  2. Review websites
  3. Google Maps and useful locational directories (such as Yell and Yelp)
  4. Partner businesses
  5. Endorsements, such as awards or accreditations

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