SEO, Analytics and PPC are key components that we believe all marketing teams should be well equipped in. That’s why we run our training seminars: to help businesses implement successful Digital Marketing strategies.
Still wondering why you should join the Digital Workshop community? Take a read of what some of our course attendees had to say…


“Excellent course for beginners and more experienced SEO specialists. Very engaging and open.”
– Matthew Scott, Netsuite (SEO on 08/09/16)

“I enjoyed the Digital Workshop on SEO. It was good to hear how exposure across many platforms is important to SEO.”
– Debbie Raymond, Vosseler (UK) Ltd. (SEO on 08/09/16)

“Nick was very helpful & friendly – I really felt that I had a better idea on how to analyse our data afterwards.”
– Mia Galea, The Vida Consultancy (Google Analytics on 13/10/16)

“An excellent workshop that provided me with a deeper understanding of how to make Google Analytics work for my company website.”
– Ferdous Ait-issa, Emmett & Churchman (Google Analytics on 13/10/16)

“If you want to improve your website performance and ‘unlock’ Google Analytics features this is the right place for you.”
– Naima Sole Sala, Webstars Ltd. (Google Analytics on 13/10/16)

“Perfect way to spend the afternoon. Lots of top tips with practical examples that you can implement straight away in your business.”
– Alessia Sannazzaro, Webstars Ltd. (Google Analytics on 13/10/16)

“Fantastic workshop! Nick broke everything down in a way that even someone who is unfamiliar with Google Analytics can follow and gain from. I’m looking forward to getting back to the office & implementing what I have learnt.”
– Caroline Thomas, Prime Advantage Advisory (Google Analytics on 13/10/16)

“Great workshop, really clear for a complete beginner. Will be looking out for more workshops.”
– Katy Navichas, Lucidica (Google Analytics on 24/02/17)

“Really interesting and informative talk. Really helped me learn how to navigate and utilise Google Analytics.”
– Emma Savory, Lucidica (Google Analytics on 24/02/17)

“A great introduction to Google Analytics. Invaluable for any company looking to improve their website or learn more about their audience.”
– Charlie Robertson, Verbate (Google Analytics on 24/02/17)

“Really useful, engaging session full of practical insights.”
– Sam Mohr, Jargon PR (Google Analytics on 24/02/17)

“Insightful workshop which was an excellent introduction to Analytics.”
– Louisa Benbow, PDC Ltd. (Google Analytics on 24/02/17)

“I loved my seminar and Nick was so helpful. He related everything to our personal businesses.”
– Samuel Jones, Lucidica (SEO on 28/04/17)

“Digital Workshop provided a fantastic overview of all the aspects of SEO that could be relevant, with useful tips as well as guides to other resources.”
– Eleanor Langdale, Flashbulb DI (SEO on 28/04/17)

“Gained some great insight & a better understanding of SEO. Definitely recommend you guys! Thanks.”
– Paige Mengers, Bright Light PR (SEO on 28/04/17)

“Relaxed, informative and practical.”
– Roger Williams, Epsilon Abacus (Google AdWords (PPC) on 31/03/17)