Google Analytics Training –
4 Hour Beginner Seminar


Get to grips with Google Analytics in just 4 Hours

Lots of businesses across the UK fail to check their Analytics on a regular basis. Eventually when they do, they can feel like they’re looking into an unknown and confusing world of numbers and graphs.

We’re changing that by training businesses to understand and get to grips with what Google Analytics has to offer. Start turning your website hits into qualified new customers.

Join us to participate in an insightful 4 hour training course with one of the UK’s leading experts in this field.

What Will I Learn?

  1. Know the basics
  2. Make logical improvements
  3. Automate reporting


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Time: 10.00am – 2.00pm
Location: Huckletree, 18 Finsbury Square, Central London, EC2A 1AH, United Kingdom
Speaker: Nick Trueman (LinkedIn)

Provided: Free tea / coffee, notepads, pens, snacks and a smile!
Bring: A heart for learning & optional laptop / iPad

Price: £175 +VAT (group & multiple course discounts!)

Why Should I Come?  

  • Extend your CV
  • Make a difference to your business
  • Better supplier management through increased understanding
  • Get ahead of the curve
  • One to one Q&A to end – bring your issues and frustrations!

Who Should Attend?

  • Marketing Managers
  • Ecommerce Managers
  • Social Media Managers
  • Web Devs & Designers
  • B2B & B2C
  • SME’s & Corporates
  • Transactional (ecom), Brochure & Lead Gen Sites
  • Business Owners
  • Account Managers

We’ve had a whole range of businesses attending, from start-ups founders & local business owners, to senior Ecommerce Retailers & global platforms. There’s something for everyone!

Speaker Bio

Nick Trueman is the founder of Digital Workshop and one of the leading experts in the digital marketing industry. Actively working in Google Analytics with a wealth of experience, Nick has provided consultancy for over 250 brands. Feel free to challenge him with the obvious and the technical!

See you there!