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Every single day technology is driving change, creating new opportunities, and bringing about innovation and growth. We train businesses in the digital marketing essentials to ensure that they keep up with the trends of this fast-paced industry.
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“Gained some great insight and a better understanding of SEO. Definitely recommend.”
– Paige Mengers, Bright Light PR (SEO on 28/04/17)

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“Relaxed, informative and practical.”
– Roger Williams, Epsilon Abacus (Google Analytics on 24/02/17, PPC on 31/03/17, SEO on 28/04/17)
Flashbulbdi Logo for Course Testimonials

“Digital Workshop provided a fantastic overview of all the aspects of SEO that could be relevant, with useful tips as well as guides to other resources.”
– Eleanor Langdale, Flashbulb DI (SEO on 28/04/17) 
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“Really useful, engaging session full of practical insights.”
– Sam Mohr, Jargon PR (Google Analytics on 24/02/17)
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“Really interesting and informative talk. Really helped me learn how to navigate and utilise Google Analytics.”
– Emma Savory, Lucidica (Google Analytics on 24/02/17)
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“Excellent course for beginners and more experienced SEO specialists. Very engaging and open.”
– Mat Scott, Netsuite (SEO on 08/09/16)
Property Debt Collection Logo For Course Testimonials

“Insightful workshop which was an excellent introduction to Analytics.”
– Louisa Benbow, PDC Limited (Google Analytics on 24/02/17)
Verbate Logo For Course Testimonials

“A great introduction to Google Analytics. Invaluable for any company looking to improve their website or learn more about their audience.”
– Charlie Robertson, Verbate (Google Analytics on 24/02/17)

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“I enjoyed the Digital Workshop on SEO. It was good to hear how exposure across many platforms is important to SEO.”
– Debbie Raymond, Vosseler (UK) Ltd (SEO on 08/09/16)